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No one wants to clean their gutters. Gutter cleaning takes time and energy that you do not have. Getting up on a ladder to reach your gutters is dangerous as well. Save yourself the  time and trouble and hire Bright Bear Window Works. Our trained and insured gutter cleaners will clean your gutters for you and relieve any stress.

After a while your home's gutters fill with leaves and dirt and this debris clogs them. Hire us for regular gutter cleaning so that your rain gutters do not become clogged and cause damage. Gutters will then overflow causing water to pool next to the foundation of your house and lead to major damage to your home.

Have any questions about for our professional gutter cleaners? Reach our pressure wash contractors by phone at: 636-339-3616. Trying to reach us after business hours? Fill out our free quote form for a free and fair gutter cleaning estimate. Maintain the value of your home by having your gutters cleaned regularly.

What happens with no gutter cleaning?

  • Structural Foundation Shift. Without regular gutter cleaning the soil  around your foundation washes away to the point that the entire structure can slip. When your foundation shifts the foundation cracks, doors that won't open, and water damages your home.


  • Major Water Damage. If your gutters are clogged and water pools around your home, water can seep into your basement through cracks. Once water seeps into cracks and then freezes  those cracks will become bigger and if left unattended that water will inevitably find its way into your basement. This causes mildew, mold, and even basement flooding. We can take care of your gutters to ensure that your home does not get damaged by water.


  • Pest Infestation. Have you noticed that your yard is filled with mosquitos during the summer months? You may have clogged gutters causing standing water to breed mosquitos. Hire Bright Bear Window Works for gutter cleaning to make sure that you do not have an infestation of mosquitos this summer.

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Maintain the value of your home by having your gutters cleaned regularly by Bright Bear Window Works. Our gutter cleaners can  maintain the function of your rain gutter system. Give us a call today at: 636-339-3616. Reach us between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM Monday through, or through our free quote form any time.

Take care of your property in the best way possible by maintaining clean gutters. Gutter cleaning can be often overlooked, but without it costly damages will occur. These damages will cost you thousands, hire Bright Bear Window Works and save yourself in the long run.

Are you wondering about some of our other exterior home maintenance services? Check out our services page. Fill out our free quote form today to hire Bright Bear Window Works.

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